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                      About Us

                      • Company profile
                      • Advantage
                      • Honor
                      • Organization
                      • Social responsibility
                      • Development history

                       "Customer-Centered" Management Principle and New Management Mode
                      Our company has formulated a quality policy of "considering users-provide satisfaction projects, obeying the first- users satisfied", established the management principle of “customer-centered ", and set up "the satisfaction of client is our standard, the client’s request is our pursuit. To meet the client’s needs (including real and potential needs) as the high goal we are pursuing. Meanwhile, our company has formulated a management model of "project control, professional protection, cost assessment, and the graded last will be laid off ", clients satisfaction as one of the main indicators for performance check over managers at all levels, the sense of service and obedience has penetrated into the consciousness of every employee, which is the most reliable guarantee for the project.

                          Efficient management organization
                      The project management is in line with the international project management for many years through the construction of the project in and outside the province. The project manager shall be the authorized representative of the company on the project, and have the rights of personnel management, manpower, machinery and materials. The construction team is a professional engineering company directly under our company, accepts the management of the project manager. The project manager fully performs the project contract on behalf of the company externally, and is responsible for the organization, coordination and management of the site internally. The personnel of the project manager department are efficient and managed well managed. Relying on the overall advantages of the company, the project manager ensures the quality, safety and construction period of each contract project, provide the users satisfactory projects and high-quality services.

                      Reliable quality assurance system
                      In 2005, we took the lead in obtaining quality system certification, environmental system certification and occupational health and safety system certification in the national construction industry, established and improved the quality control system, formulated the “quality control manual” and "quality system procedure document". In the process of project implementation, managers at all levels have clear responsibilities and management in place. In the course of construction, according to different engineering contents, different professional quality control systems for construction operations are established. The quality control system of the project site is sound and reliable. Quality management runs through the whole construction process. The factors related to quality are always under control to ensure the good quality of the project.

                      Computer assisted management
                      Computer management has been adopted in the construction management, and established the internal computer network. The site construction plan management can adopt the network planning software, the CAD software, the Tianzheng software and the P3 software. Computer will be used to track, check and adjust the implementation of the plan and the input of construction resources, so as to ensure the normal implementation of the plan and ensure the contract construction period. Computer-aided management, such as quality management, safety management, financial management, etc., is also adopted.

                      Team spirit
                      With the further deepening of the market economy, the company has carried out all-staff education and tourism expansion since 2018, and further strengthened the cohesion of all employees of the enterprise. Team spirit is embodied in”thinking of the company as home, harmonious interpersonal relationship, sharing happiness and suffering, not afraid of hardship, daring to compete and win’’ construction has received good results, since 2018,which ensures the normal construction of the project.

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