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                      Service Support

                      • After Sale

                      We provide after-sales and door to door service for the users,so require higher demand  for the after-sales department. We think that after-sales work need to be done from the following points:

                         Let the user participate in the installation and debugging of the project;
                      In the process of using,when failure occurs, the user can report the reason to after-sales,which guaranteeing the response speed of maintenance.

                      analyze and deal with the faults;
                      Through statistical analysis of faults, classification of faults and treatment of different cases, it will get twice the result with half the effort.

                      Manage the faults of service items according to different levels;
                      We have different time limit and regulation for different faults. Failures that are not handled in time will be automatically upgraded to speed up processing.

                      Prepare ahead and check regularly.
                      1、 Visit the customer on a regular basis
                      2、 Regular inspection

                      • 0512-81878282

                      • 0512-81878280

                      • 82 Pingsheng Road, Suzhou Industrial Park, Jiangsu Province

                      ?2018 Suzhou Yuantai Engineering Co., Ltd. Su ICP No. 11074286