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                      • Team
                      • Achievements

                      Since its establishment, Yuantai has increased investment in technology, focusing on scientific and technological innovation. The innovation ability of enterprises has been greatly improved with the joint efforts of technicians and cooperative R&D units (Suzhou University), and has applied for many invention patents and practical new specialties these years.

                       Patent for invention

                      1、water-heater-air-conditioners——The invention discloses an air-conditioning water heater integrated machine, including compressor, four-way valve, a heat exchanger, throttling gear, indoor and an outdoor unit. The invention improves the energy efficiency and reduces the pollution by combining the air conditioner with the water heater to satisfy different users.

                      2、air supply device of variable air volume VAV and level in clean operating room——The invention discloses air supply device of variable air volume and variable level in a clean operating room, which including an air supply box, blast pipe connected with the air supply box, plenum chamber connected with the blast pipe and air processor connected with plenum chamber.This installation using three independent air supply boxes, which can change the supply air area and volume to keep the cross section wind speed unchanged and maintain displacement flow characteristics, so as to reducing the energy consumption, and expanding the use of the operating room.

                      Utility model patent

                      1、UPS Monitoring System with Display Screen

                      2、purification air conditioning system with heat recovery

                      3、fresh air system with rotary dehumidification

                      4、comprehensive utilization system of cold and heat in the high-level purification room

                      5、combined air conditioning with noise reduction function

                      6、tandem purified water system

                      7、multilayer additive room

                      8、filter assembly with self-contained fan at service port

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